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About Us

Royal Tunbridge WellsCleaners Royal Tunbridge Wells is in business for more than eight years. The aim of the company is to ease the life of the local residents and tenants. To achieve that we offer reliable cleaning services on a fair price. Although we have a short history, more and more people decide to trust on us. Our working force is consisting of skilful individuals who have a lot of experience. Another key benefit of our assistance is the flexibility of the scheduling process. Call us at anytime and our team will get to your house at the time you wish. In case you have a busy day to day plan, we can come early in the morning or after dinner. Before you contact us you should know about our green policy. We use only organic products so you can have a healthier home or office. Join the growing group of our happy customers.

The Royal Tunbridge Wells Area

Royal Tunbridge WellsThe affluent town of Royal Tunbridge Wells is 40 miles away from central London. Tunbridge Wells, as some people call it for short, is also part of western Kent. The town has population of around 58 000 people although 104 000 persons live in the wider borough. Demography picture of the area consists of white British individuals. The history of the town dates back to the iron age due to its iron-rich rocks. The area was also famous tourist destination for its chalybeate springs and the Pantiles. Because of that fact, a lot of British noblemen visited it in the past. Further more thanks to its significance it gained a “Royal” status in 1909. Nowadays few people come to the town just for the waters, but its main income still depends on tourism. The local economy relies on hotels, restaurants and retail, that give job to 30% of the residents.