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Carpet Cleaning

How We Clean Carpets

The process of carpet cleaning involves a certain sequence of actions. First we have to inspect you floor covering to find out the type of its fabric. Thus we can select one of these two sanitation methods:

    Carpet Cleaning Royal Tunbridge Wells
  • The hot water extraction techniques is suitable for synthetic materials. We also use it on soiled surfaces or wool and cotton fabrics. The high pressure hot water is the essence of this process. A special machine spreads a detergent that reacts with the dirt. After that a strong suction extracts the grime.
  • Steam cleaning as the name suggests relies on the power of steam. The high temperature of the steam lifts away the dirt. The most common application of this method is on delicate textures. For example oriental rugs are such sensitive floor coverings. We also use similar approach on upholstery cleaning.

Some stains are impossible to remove, although they are very rare. That is why we recommend you to get a professional carpet cleaning at least once a year. Thus you can prevent the hard to remove spots formation. We also suggest a final inspection before our team leaves your home.

The Most Beneficial Carpet Cleaning Service

When you struggle to find a reliable carpet cleaners in Royal Tunbridge Wells, we come to rescue. Just look at the advantages you get with us:

    Carpet Cleaning Royal Tunbridge Wells
  • What better way to revive the fabric’s colour than this? Add the fresh smell left, as a nice finish of this procedure.
  • When your floor coverings are clean they are free from hazardous microorganisms. They tend to hide deep into the fibres. But a thorough sanitation gives them no chance.
  • The service is also very convenient, because you do not have to transport your carpets. We perform the job in your home in Royal Tunbridge Wells.
  • In addition to that the drying process is fast. This means that you can use your rugs on the same day.
  • If you wish to extend their life and protect them from damages we can apply Scotchgard. This solution is very popular and efficient, and that is why we recommend it.
  • If there is bad smell coming from your floor, it is most likely that the carpet is the cause. After our treatment, the unpleasant odour will disappear.