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Window Cleaning

The Execution of the Window Cleaning Service

    Window Cleaning Royal Tunbridge Wells
  • Prior to every job we should know the position and the size of your windows. Giving us these details in advance will save us some time.
  • Then we check the glass for any scratches or stains. After that, we pre-treat the problematic areas. In such cases we may use special detergents and a dry cloth.
  • Next comes the products and tools selection. Most of the time, we apply only de-mineralised water.
  • The water-fed pole system allow us to reach windows up to the forth floor. In any other cases, the old-fashioned ladder comes in handy. The secret of this method is in the high water-pressure. After a telescopic tube sprays the washing liquid, a brush-head removes the dirt particles.
  • Inside your house we use only squeegee and a microfiber cloth. If you have an asthma, you should not worry. Purified water is the only substance we use in closed spaces.

Window Cleaning in Royal Tunbridge Wells for Your Convenience

    Window Cleaning Royal Tunbridge Wells
  • After we wash your windows, the first thing you will notice is how bright your home is.
  • Our services will save you many efforts, too. If there are hard to reach areas, we use ladders or water-fed pole system.
  • Our experts can deal with every screen, skylight and sash, too. No matter the shape, size or type of your windows, our team can achieve the desired results.
  • Another key feature is the high standards we follow on every job. Thus you get a service with no risk of disappointment.
  • The best date for our visit is the one you choose. Make an appointment for any time of the day wherever you are in Royal Tunbridge Wells.
  • If you are the kind of person who cares about the nature, then you should count on us. Because we use only ionised water, we contribute to saving the environment.
  • Thanks to their gentle approach, our employees leave no scratches on every surface.
  • Book this service when you move in or move out of a rental house or apartment. Make your new place warm and cozy.